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Lower cross syndrome

My last blog I was writing about upper cross syndrome. Now we continue on the lower part and we are going to talk about the lower cross syndrome.

What is the lower cross syndrome:

The lower crossed syndrome (LCS) is the result of muscle strength imbalances in the lower segment. These imbalances can occur when muscles are constantly shortened or lengthened in relation to each other. The lower crossed syndrome is characterized by specific patterns of muscle weakness and tightness that cross between the dorsal and the ventral sides of the body.

This is the same mechanism as what happened on the upper body. Abdominals and Glutes are weak so they can't help the body to hold therefore all the pressure are on the lower back and on the hip flexors.

I would like to share with you anatomical pictures of the muscles group, so it's easier to understand.

The tide muscles anatomically:

  • Erector Spinae

  • Hip Flexor

Weak muscles anatomically :

  • Weak Gluteus maximus

  • Weak Abdominals

We need to trien our glutes and abdominal muscles and relax our hip flexors and back muscles.

With the exercise and with the massage we can help to give less pressure on the pain ariea.

How to train those areas?

I will attache some Youtube videos

  • Singel-Leg Glute Bridge 10*3

The single leg Glute bridge is one of the best exercise for lower back pain. Here you are training the hamstring and the glutes.

  • Glutes exercises with resistance band 10*3

I love to do this workout. It's gives so much more stability on my daily life routine and I feel more stronger in my whole body.

  • Abdominal exercises 1 time

Again, I love this one. With one abs workout we work on every part of the abdominal what needs to be strength them for stronger lower back.

And the last one is a stretch video. One of the best what I found so far.

For me they helped me a lot with my terrible lower back pain. I hope it will help you too.

If you can do this exercises and stretch 2 times a week will be so helpful for you.

If you have any question, please contact me and I will be happy to answer.

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