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Upper-Crossed Syndrome

Second topic in my blog I decided to talk about a common issue, upper-crossed syndrome.

I think everybody who is working behind the computer and even many more people are suffering from back and neck pain.

You would ask, why?

Actually the answer is pretty simple.

Our body is like a chain. If one of the links starts to weaken the chain starts to hang in the wrong position. So the pressure will be on the other link which still has power to hold the chain. Poor strong link. This has to carry the whole chain.

Can you picture this? If yes then you understand your body as well :).

Let me show you a picture and you will understand the whole idea.

You see! This is what is happening with your muscles and this is the reason why you do have a wrong body posture and so much pain at your neck and shoulders.

It is nothing that cannot be fixed. With a small exercise and stretching and massage your body can learn the proper posture.

Here are some ideas from Ashley how to train the weak area and also she add some stretching exercise. This you can do it at home.

You don’t need to do it everyday, but If you could manage to do these exercises 2 times a week, it would give you so much help.

Next to the workout I would recommend you to come to see me or any massage therapist to help you to relax the tide part.

With these treatments your body slowly-slowly will let the tide muscles use less and start to use the weak one more what we are training. Therefor the whole area becomes one and no more pressure in one certain point.

I add some pictures about the anatomy of the muscles:

Fascinating, Right?

This will help in the end to sit and stand straight and have less pain.

Hope this can help you!

If you have any further questions we are here with Ashley to answer to you.

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