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Back Massage


With this type of  massage we use of the excellent The|Tides Wellness products that are non-toxic and 100% natural, vegan, creaty-free, unisex and organic biodegradable.

We start with a Body Scrub that exfoliates and purifies with mineral-rich sea salts, seabed magnesium and invigorating aromatherapy oils to deliver a smooth and revitalized skin, while stimulating the natural renewal of skin cells. Eases emotional tension and stress and relieves tired muscles and fatigue. After the scrub you can choose:

  • Hydrating Massage Oil | Seaside Botanicals : Intensely nourishing and nurturing formula of seaside botanicals and seaweed and uplifting aromatherapy oils to supercharge skin and elevate your mood. 

  •  Muscle Charger Massage Gel | Magnesium Formula  -The Perfect preventative care after any work-out to support proper athletic recovery or for anyone else whose muscles and joints feel fatigued and overworked. An effective formula combining pure magnesium, laurel, juniper berry and ginger to relieve muscle tension, cramps, soreness and joint stiffness.


Deep Tissue & Sport Massage apply almost similar stroking and kneading movements as Swedish massage, but there’s far more pressure.


In order to reach the deeper muscle layers and connective tissue, I will massage layer by layer of muscle.


It is best suited  for athletes, runners, people with injuries or with chronic tensed and cramped areas, such as a stiff neck, lower back pain and sore shoulders.

This type of massage facilitates healing by releasing contracted areas of muscle and tissue. It may help increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation, relieve pain and improve the free flow of energy and movement. 

Deep Tissue &
Sport Massage

The pregnancy is a unique time for every woman, but much changes in your body.


A pregnancy massage helps you focus attention on your inner needs and consciously experience your pregnant body. 


You might suffer from a painful lower back, tension in the neck, pelvic complaints, fatigue, and/or swelling from build-up fluid and tension. 

Benefits of a Pregnancy Massage may include: 

  • Softening tired and tense muscles 

  • Releasing calming elements to reduce back and pelvic complaints and improve sleep

  • Reducing heart rate and blood pressure 

This massage can be given from 12 weeks of pregnancy up to childbirth. You will be positioned on your side. 

If you have medical issues, please consult your doctor first.


Swedish massage is gentler than Deep Tissue massage. It aims to promote relaxation by releasing muscle tension, and improving both flexibility and blood circulation.


It is well suited for people looking for tension relief caused by daily activities such as sitting at the computer or exercising.


Kneading, long strokes, and deep circular movements are all applied in order to relax you, stimulate nerve endings, increase blood flow and lymph drainage.


Deep Tissue an Sport
Tide Massage
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