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Burn out in Holland

When I moved to Holland and I start working in the massage salon after a week or two I heard the expression BURN OUT. At first I didn't exactly knew what they mean about it, but quickly I learned the words and the reason why in Holland or maybe in Amsterdam have lot of people burn out.

In my opinion, in Amsterdam we want to do everything ,we want to be everywhere and we want to do the best oh and the most we want to be the coolest and fun. We want to be the good employee or having a very successful company and next to it to have dinner invitation once or twice a week with a friends and on the weekend have one or two party and we shouldn't forget the family.

If you want to meet a dutch person spontaneously it's impossible. They agenda has been booked for a month or even longer.

It's crazy! When I heard what they did or do in a week and how they end it up with burn out, I was not surprised. This is why I thought I will write my first blog about Burn out in Holland.

What is a burn out:

Burnout is a state of physical and emotional exhaustion. It can occur when you experience long-term stress in your job, or when you have worked in a physically or emotionally draining role for a long time.

Common signs of burnout:

  • Feeling tired or drained most of the time

  • physical exhaustion, unable to recharge,

  • concentration and memory problems,

  • feelings of incompetence and cynicism,

  • feeling of failure,

  • sleep problems,

  • worrying a lot,

  • being tense and getting nowhere,

  • headache, stomach pain or muscle pain.

Some Tips for prevention:

1) Listen to your own body, no matter what others are telling you.

If you feel tired and exhausted don't make your agenda full. Make that week free just for yourself. If you need to rest and sleep then stay at home and sleep. If you need to connect with yourself, go for a walk or do some Yoga or just be in the nature and do some breathing exercises.


2) Let it go.

The ability to leave work at work is also an important part of combatting burnout. If you can’t walk out of your office or work environment without continuing to think about work, your clients, tomorrow’s schedule. Turn off your phone. Stop checking work emails. Set limits on how you will interact with work after work hours, and let your clients, colleagues know so you can manage their expectations. Decide how often and when you will check messages, because doing so will give you a sense of control.

3) Be kind to yourself

If you have enough holiday, take them. Make break between your hours. And pamper yourself with a Spa day or with a massage.

Massage Therapy to Reduce Stress, Fatigue, and Burnout

One highly recommended way to reduce stress, and to avoid fatigue and burnout is through massage therapy.

Massage is an excellent way for your body and mind to relax. Relieving tension in tight muscles and joints helps shift your focus away from daily worries, setting your mind at peace.

Massage therapy helps lower your heart rate and blood pressure, while at the same time sparking the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain killer.

Some of the fundamental benefits of massage therapy are:

  • Improved overall health

  • Enhanced mood and mental state

  • Raised energy levels

  • Increased circulation and blood flow

  • Reduction of muscle and joint pain

  • Increased mental acuity

  • Prevention of fatigue and burnout

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